What is Specialty Lines

In the past, most wholesale insurance intermediaries represented what are known as Excess & Surplus Lines Insurance Companies (E&S). These are insurers regulated in their home state, but are not an “Admitted Carrier” in other states in which they are doing business. Traditionally, E&S companies made insurance available to insureds who could not find coverageContinue reading “What is Specialty Lines”

Ohio Allows Rollover of Excess CE Credits

According to a recent Ohio Insurance Agents Association article, the State of Ohio is joining 21 other states in allowing insurance agents to rollover excess continuing education credits to the next compliance period. The change goes into effect on February 1, 2016. Here’s some additional information posted on the Ohio Department of Insurance’s website: Q.Continue reading “Ohio Allows Rollover of Excess CE Credits”

Developing an Effective Mentoring Program

The following article was written by OAPSLO member Greg Bauke, President of Cincinnati based Specialty Underwriters Group. It first appeared in the Fall 2015 edition of WIN Magazine and is reprinted here with permission.  BY GREG BAUKE THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF MENTORING RELATIONSHIPS, BUT THE COMMON POINT AMONG THEM IS THAT ALL PARTIES –Continue reading “Developing an Effective Mentoring Program”

Affidavit/Notary Requirements to Change in Ohio

Ohio Governor John Kasich recently signed House Bill 64, also known as “Main Operating Budget FY2016-FY2017”. One of the many provisions of the bill includes a section that removes the requirement for a notarization section of the Affidavit (no longer called an Affidavit, it’s now an “Original Signed Statement)” from the insured when placing businessContinue reading “Affidavit/Notary Requirements to Change in Ohio”

May I See Your License, Registration, and Smartphone?

With the passage of Ohio Senate Bill 255, effective March 23, 2015, Ohioans can officially use an electronic version of proof of auto insurance. Joining 31 other states that already allowed electronic proof of insurance, the new law allows motorists to show digital versions of proof of insurance on smartphones, PDAs, tablets, laptops and otherContinue reading “May I See Your License, Registration, and Smartphone?”

Working with Specialty Insurance Markets

Taken from an article by Terry Quested, Associated Risk Managers – for P&C Insurance Agents Here’s what we know about achieving results from Managing General Agents, wholesale brokers and programs If there is one way to win the heart, mind and hard work of the wholesale insurance intermediary it is in providing them with superbContinue reading “Working with Specialty Insurance Markets”