The Lost Art of Submission Narratives

By Ken Kukral, VP of Special Risks, International Excess Program Managers, a division of One80 Intermediaries I remember a number of years ago when I went to a reception held on the aircraft carrier The USS Intrepid.  Kind of a unique place for a cocktail party but I figured I would go check it out. Continue reading “The Lost Art of Submission Narratives”

Unpacking Warehouse Legal Liability

Historically, warehouse legal liability (WHLL) has been a complicated line with many gray areas and multiple interpretations of its coverages. Over the course of the recent soft market, WHLL strayed away from its original intent. With the re-emergence of a healthier market environment, it can go back to its roots: to cover the legal responsibilityContinue reading “Unpacking Warehouse Legal Liability”

PFAS: The Risk Of Forever Chemicals To Manufacturers, Distributors and Municipalities

Every day you personally handle or are exposed to products and substances containing Perand Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). If you were to get your blood tested, multiple typesof PFAS would likely be detected. In this article, we explore what PFAS are, why they arean issue and why risk managers need to be attentive to their clients’Continue reading “PFAS: The Risk Of Forever Chemicals To Manufacturers, Distributors and Municipalities”