Statement of Purpose

The purposes for which the corporation is formed and those stated in the Third Articles of incorporation which are:

(a) To encourage and promote professionalism among members engaging in the specialty risk insurance business in the State of Ohio;

(b) To provide a forum for the exchange of information and views between members and to disseminate educational information for the benefit of members and to the better advancement of the specialty risk insurance industry in the State of Ohio;

(c) To maintain liaison with other segments of the insurance industry particularly insurance commissioners, regulatory bodies, insurers, and insurance groups and to encourage and foster adherence to high ethical and business standards and compliance with the lawful regulation of all segments of the specialty risk insurance business;

(d) To promote and support the independent insurance agency system;

(e) To encourage and promote cooperation and understanding within the specialty risk insurance industry through personal contact between the members and to advance the mutual interests of members;

(f) To discuss, propose, and work for solutions to problems peculiar or unique to the specialty risk insurance industry;

(g) To encourage and foster good relations between the specialty risk insurance industry and the general public and the insurance industry generally;

(h) To maintain an interest in and a concern for, and to take appropriate action relative to existing and proposed regulatory matters affecting the specialty insurance industry, and to work for improvement of business conditions within the industry, to advise and inform members about such changes and other related insurance issues.

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