Past Presidents

OAPSLO would like to recognize those individuals who have volunteered their time, effort and talents by agreeing to serve as President of the Association throughout the years.
2017-2018Ken KukralInternational Excess
2015-2016JB CivillePartners Specialty Group
2014-2015JB CivillePartners Specialty Group
2013-2014Tricia CurnutteSpecialty Brokerage Services
2012-2013Tricia CurnutteSpecialty Brokerage Services
2011-2012Brian BowermanSpecialty Brokerage Services
2010-2011Brian BowermanSpecialty Brokerage Services
2009-2010Mark HarrisQuadrant Insurance Managers
2008-2009Mark HarrisQuadrant Insurance Managers
2007-2008Ken KukralInternational Excess
2006-2007Ken KukralInternational Excess
2005-2006Tom SheppardStateside Underwriting
2004-2005Tom SheppardDevore & Associates
2003-2004Terry QuestedMorstan General Agency
2002-2003Terry QuestedMorstan General Agency
2001-2002Ed StoermerJohannes/Stoermer

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