OAPSLO’s committees are volunteer positions. The bulk of the work we do is accomplished in our various committees. The time commitment is not large, but the benefits and networking opportunities are limitless.

If you would be interested in getting involved in our committees, Contact Us and we’ll be happy to give you a call or email you to discuss the possibilities.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is charged with reviewing the organization’s Bylaws on a periodic basis, suggesting changes to our Bylaws, and making sure our actions are held in accordance to our Bylaws.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is tasked with conducting efforts to recruit new members, keep accurate information on existing members, and coordinate annual dues collection with the Secretary/Treasurer.

Regulatory Committee

The Regulatory Committee is tasked with staying abreast of any pending legislation in Ohio which may impact the industry, communicating those issues to the membership and spearheading our communication and assistance to regulators and politicians on the organization’s stance/recommendations on those issues.

Social / Education Committee

The Social and Education Committee is tasked with organizing networking events, the annual golf outing, and educational webinars.


Being a mostly “virtual” organization, the Website Committee is tasked with the updating and maintenance of the organization’s website, as well as our communications to members and marketing.

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