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Are You Addressing Environmental Liabilities with Your Clients??….

Argosy Risk Specialists, a wholesale broker specializing in environmental insurance, offers expert guidance in addressing environmental matters with insureds of all sizes, in all industry sectors.   Engaging Argosy in the process – as a seamless and collaborative part of your account team, a consultant or as an indirect advisor – allows you to feel confident in addressing this complicated subject, helping to keep your clients and drive new business

Argosy is led by Tanya Andolsen, a 26-year veteran and leading expert in the environmental insurance niche, with extensive experience at some of the most trusted organizations in the industry. 

“It’s important to me that agents and brokers value the guidance that Argosy Risk Specialists can offer as a trusted partner and resource when it comes to environmental risks,” said Andolsen. “Throughout my career, I’ve encountered too many companies that are uninsured or underinsured for potential environmental liabilities. In most cases it’s because of inadequate counseling or direction from their current agent or broker, merely because the account team lacks the expertise or knowledge on how to even begin addressing the subject with their insureds.”

Argosy works closely with retail brokers to make sure they are asking the right questions to uncover and address environmental exposures for their clients.  Since it’s not an area of coverage that most brokers encounter on a regular basis, Argosy’s goal is to fill the knowledge gap as a seamless part of the account team for agents and brokers that don’t have an internal environmental specialist.  In addition, Argosy offers a basic course on environmental risk and insurance (approved for 1 hr CE in Ohio) which has proved to be a valuable educational offering at brokers and agencies nationwide. 

Once an exposure has been identified, securing the best coverage at a competitive price can also be a challenge if you don’t have the expertise to know where to go.  Inadequate insurance programs can result in significant costs from environmental liabilities.  With over 40 environmental insurance carriers and thousands of non-standard coverage forms and endorsements, a thorough understanding of the marketplace is imperative.

If you haven’t addressed environmental liabilities with your clients or you’re not confident that their insurance program includes the right coverage, then it’s time to engage an expert. 

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