Ohio Allows Rollover of Excess CE Credits


According to a recent Ohio Insurance Agents Association article, the State of Ohio is joining 21 other states in allowing insurance agents to rollover excess continuing education credits to the next compliance period. The change goes into effect on February 1, 2016.

Here’s some additional information posted on the Ohio Department of Insurance’s website:

Q.  May credits be carried over from one renewal period to the next?

Yes.  Excess credits from one renewal period will be carried over to the next renewal period.


Q. Are there any restrictions on credits that can be carried over to the next renewal period?

Carryover of CE credits will only apply to license renewal applications submitted to the Department on or after February 1, 2016. Resident agents who hold a Major Lines License may carryover up to 12 credits during eachrenewal period.

All carryover credits are applied as “General” credits and therefore agents will continue to need to meet specific ethics or line of business requirements.

If the same course is taken more than once within a renewal period, the duplicate course(s) will not count towards the credits applicable to carry over to the next renewal period.

 Q. How will excess credits be carried over to the next renewal period?

CE credits will carryover automatically on the agent’s record, which means, that any credit(s) that are applicable for carryover will automatically be carried over to the next renewal period after the license is renewed.

Q. How will I know if any credits have been carried over from a previous renewal period?
Credits that have been carried over from a previous renewal period will show on CE transcripts as “CE Credit Carryover”.  The education provider for CE credit carryover will be the Ohio Department of Insurance.


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