May I See Your License, Registration, and Smartphone?

With the passage of Ohio Senate Bill 255, effective March 23, 2015, Ohioans can officially use an electronic version of proof of auto insurance.

Joining 31 other states that already allowed electronic proof of insurance, the new law allows motorists to show digital versions of proof of insurance on smartphones, PDAs, tablets, laptops and other portable computing devices.

While few insurance companies have apps that generate an electronic proof of insurance display, there’s a simpler way we’d recommend to you: take a picture of your ID card! This way you will be able to pull up a copy, even if you don’t have a cell signal.

While it’s great that Ohio becomes the 32nd state to allow digital proof of insurance, that means there are 18 states that still do not allow it so it’s strongly recommended to keep a paper copy of your insurance ID card in your glove box to avoid getting in trouble when traveling.

If you’re interested, here’s the official press release from the Ohio Department of Insurance.